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The human body is a miracle, 50 trillion cells all working together to create the magic that is a human being. For the most of our lives things work well and the body is in harmony, then sometimes things happen and there is a “dis-ease” of the body.

This recording contains hypnotic suggestions, healing metaphors and techniques designed to encourage the bodies systems to restore balance and harmony, to repair, rejuvenate and restore in a way that the body naturally knows how.

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There is a wealth of medical research now to support the theory that our thinking has a profound affect on the health and well being of the body. The work of Norman Cousins, Bernie Segal, Dr Bruce Lipton, Dr Candace Pert and many others indicates that, “we are what we think.”

Consistent positive reinforcement has been shown to have a healing effect on the body, so listen to this healing recording if either you or a loved one is ill, or are recovering from an illness or surgery. The hypnotic music and suggestions will guide and encourage your bodies natural healing systems to plan ahead for a spontaneous remission and will encourage good health and vitality.

Just a few of the many testimonials we receive

“Thank you Steve, listening to your recording calms me down and gives me hope. I always feel much better afterwards. Time will tell what happens, but what I can say is that afterwards my pain is always less. Thank you for your support throughout this crisis.”  – Rita

“I feel so much better after hearing your voice. I am confident my body is listening to all of the healing messages even though I drift off almost immediately”James

“I used to see a spiritual healer for my fibromyalgia and when they moved I couldn’t find a replacement that had the same effect. When I listen to you talk I get the same colours and feelings it feels wonderful and afterwards I feel amazing. Its my half an hour of peace in the day. Thank You”Carla

Technical Stuff

  • This recording is best listened to with headphones
  • This recording contains Anchoring, New Behaviour Generator, Pivot Grammer, Swish Patterns, Visualisations and Re-Vivication Techniques.
  • Recorded and produced by Joe Davison for Auburn Jam Music.
  • “Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by
  • This recording is not a replacement for medical treatment.
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