How2easily – Relax Deeply…

This hypnotic recording will guide you into a very peaceful tranquil place and space of serenity where you can rest and relax comfortably and easily. In what I call a “Trance Time” of 25 minutes you will feel as if you have had a refreshing nights sleep.

This recording contains hypnotic suggestions, healing metaphors and techniques designed to slow down your thinking ease the tensions of the body so you will begin to feel naturally calm at ease and in a place of well being. The suggestions will encourage your unconscious mind to be more relaxed and serene throughout the waking day.

Ahhhhhh life is good….and life is wonderful.

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Just a few of the many testimonials we receive

“I was so stressed by worrying about work and where the next contract was coming from, Steve’s coaching was incredible he helped me survice through the worst of it till things got better. Listening to his recording every night has kept me sane. I thoroughly recommend Steve he is a life saver” – Ahmed

“The music and your voice just get me every time, I can feel all of my worries simply melting away .”  – Karen

“I listen to you on a regular basis just to keep me feeling ok and when things are getting a little bit too hectic I listen to you more and it works I feel calm and ready to deal with my life”Jacqueline

Technical Stuff

  • This recording is best listened to with headphones
  • This recording contains Anchoring, New Behaviour Generator, Pivot Grammer, Swish Patterns, Visualisations and Re-Vivication Techniques.
  • Recorded and produced by Joe Davison for Auburn Jam Music.
  • “Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by
  • This recording is not a replacement for medical treatment.
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  • All recordings are protected by International copyright law in the event of infringement all rights and remedies are reserved.