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In today’s busy society we are often told how important it is to take time to relax and release stress; yet for many making the time to relax and be calm is often easier said then done.

This recording is the answer. In just 10 minutes you will be able to go into a profoundly deep relaxing state so you can awaken refreshed, alert feeling rested and able to get on with the day. You will soon learn the practice of “Power Napping”.

This is the perfect short-term solution for anyone who has a busy life. Perfect for busy mums, over worked professionals, shift workers who cant easily schedule regular recreational breaks or anyone who has to pay full attention to their work such as doctors, drivers, dentists.

Its perfect for anyone who simply wants to relax quickly.

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by Steve Crabb

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Just a few of the many testimonials we receive

“Its about time Steve. I have been asking you for years to produce something I can use at anytime during the day, A brilliant piece of work thank you, well worth the wait” – Keith

“I listened to the prelude a few times till I got the hang of the trigger words now I can simply say them and I relax almost as much as when I listen to the main part of the recording.”  – Michael

“This was perfect for me, I listen to it during my lunch times and when ever I’m feeling a bit tired or run down I have found as you predicted that I am calmer and seem to work so much better afterwards”Brenda

“I hear the first part of the music and I am gone almost immediately, thank you for this present its great I have told my friends to get it as they probably need it more then I do ”Jenny

“Steve you asked for feedback well I think it’s absolutely perfect, I get home sort the children out and early evening I listen to you and the music and ten minutes later I feel fully rested. Before I would have simply slumped in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. I feel like I have got my evenings back.”Amanda

Technical Stuff

  • This recording is best listened to with headphones
  • This recording contains Anchoring, New Behaviour Generator, Pivot Grammer, Swish Patterns, Visualisations and Re-Vivication Techniques.
  • Recorded and produced by Joe Davison for Auburn Jam Music.
  • “Music by Christopher Lloyd Clarke”. Licensed by
  • This recording is not a replacement for medical treatment.
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  • All recordings are protected by International copyright law in the event of infringement all rights and remedies are reserved.