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Power Nap – A quick and very effective 10 minute hypnotic solution to a busy life.


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In today’s busy society we are often told how important it is to take time to relax and release stress; yet for many making the time to relax and be calm is often easier said then done.

This recording is the answer. In just 10 minutes you will be able to go into a profoundly deep relaxing state so you can awaken refreshed, alert feeling rested and able to get on with the day. You will soon learn the practice of “Power Napping”.

This is the perfect short-term solution for anyone who has a busy life. Perfect for busy mums, over worked professionals, shift workers who cant easily schedule regular recreational breaks or anyone who has to pay full attention to their work such as doctors, drivers, dentists.

It’s perfect for anyone who simply wants to relax quickly.